Network, firewalls and domain names

Your Internet network:

An internet connection is always necessary to consult the simulators. 

MedicActiV offers two options to start a simulator. 

  • Simulator launched in the web browser: a very high speed/fiber connection is recommended.
  • Simulator downloaded and installed on the computer or tablet: a high-speed connection is recommended.

If your connection is powerful, we recommend that you install the simulator on the computer or tablet. 

If you experience problems when launching the application, it is possible that a firewall or security software may block the program’s access to the Internet network. To fix this, simply allow the application or change your network filtering rules on your firewall (see paragraph “Settings for your firewall“). 


Settings for your firewall:

=> The IP addresses to be authorized in your institution are as follows: 

Environment IP Port Protocol
Loadbalancer     80 & 443 HTTP / HTTPS
Medicactiv platform     80 & 443 HTTP / HTTPS / ICMP


The areas to be whitelisted in your institution are as follows:


Domains (http+https)


Settings for emails:

MedicActiV is required to send emails to users. An email is sent to finalize the account creation step and the choice of the user’s password. 

Domain names (emails) to be “whitelisted” in your institution: