MedicActiV: finalist in the Castres E-Health Trophies

05 July 2016

On July 5, 6 and 7, the internationally renowned event, the E-Health Summer School (L’Université d’été de la e-santé), brought together e-health professionals to present the biggest innovations in the sector. The highlight of these 3 days was the trophy ceremony, which rewarded the best of these innovations.

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Presentation of MedicActiV to the students of the ANEMF summer conference

01 July 2016

The National Association of Medical Students in France (ANEMF) is organizing its summer conference in Créteil on July 1. The SimforHealth teams will present MedicActiV, the first digital simulation platform dedicated to healthcare training.

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Futur en Seine: the meeting place for innovation

09 June 2016

As a partner of Cap Digital and Futur en Seine, the SimforHealth team, the digital simulation department of Interaction Healthcare, is delighted to be taking part in the Futur en Seine festival from June 9 to 12 in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris to present changes in the field of healthcare training via its digital simulation platform, MedicActiV.

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5th Francophone Symposium on Simulation in Healthcare

23 March 2016

The SimforHealth teams will be present at the 5th Francophone Symposium on Simulation in Healthcare, organized in partnership with the Francophone Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SOFRASIMS). This is the first expert society in France dedicated to the promotion of and research in simulation in healthcare and was created in 2014 with the backing of the HAS (French Health Authority). The MedicActiV platform and Patient Genesys project will be presented over these 3 days.

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WEB CONFERENCE – Tuesday March 22 2016 – Health Training Organizations Special

22 March 2016

Our team of experts presents a web conference – on Tuesday March 22 2016 – called: “How can a new pedagogic dimension be given to healthcare professionals using digital simulation?” This web conference will be a chance to take stock of digital simulation in healthcare and the opportunities offered by the MedicActiV platform.

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Patient Genesys Project exhibited in Bercy

23 February 2016

The Patient Genesys project, selected to be part of the exhibition “Centers of excellence: 10 years serving innovation – Discover the objects of tomorrow today” from February 23 to March 4 2016, will be presented at the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology in Bercy.

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Official launch of the platform MedicActiV

12 October 2015

SimforHealth, the health digital simulation department of Interaction Healthcare, officially launches its MedicActiV platform at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Cognitique (ENSC)

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INRIA-Industry Meetings

13 October 2015

The INRIA Industry meetings are national events organized by INRIA, in partnership with a competitiveness hub or a network of firms. This year, MedicActiV will be presented under the theme “A medical device, connected devices, information systems: how can we manage digital convergence?”

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1st Geneva Health Simulation Day

04 December 2015

The Inter-professional Simulation Center (CIS) of Geneva, a joint center of the School of Medicine of the University of Geneva and the Geneva School of Health, inaugurates its first training day in French for health educators, on “Simulation and Inter-professionalism.” The MedicActiV platform will be presented at the event.

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